The Idea

Generally selling shirt designs online is a side revenue stream. Usually companies or brands do this as a marketing venture, raising awareness about their brand or to sell a product with their logo. This is a great way to start the business. Selling shirts is a competitive business, so if you have something to talk about already than it’s a natural starting position. If you plan on this being your only revenue stream it might be time to rethink making money online. As this article has stated before, online money making streams often by themselves are not enough to support you and your family. However, it could pay for a vacation or that dream fishing boat you have been thinking about. The real point is to start small and keep building your online empire piece by piece.

Start Small

Selling 1 thing really well is much better than selling 100 things terribly. If you have a ton of ideas for shirts that is great, but generally it’s not a good idea to start selling 50 designs from one storefront. Pick between 1-3 designs that really represent either your talent or your brand. Then market that design continuously for at least a year. ringer t shirt in your other business streams. Reference it in your blog, sell it on eBay, and put links to it in your multi-level marketing streams. Make it a focus to start a hype campaign and hope it goes viral. This also means that you need to convert any hand-drawn artwork into a digital design through Macromedia or Adobe software.

Online Store Fronts

There are a number of T-shirt online cafés. Shopify, Cafepress, Zazzle, Skreened, Redbubble, Big Cartel are all online shirt stores. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Almost all of them allow you to setup a free online account. If the site provides online fulfillment you will make less money per shirt but also have less hassle. It would be best to pick 2-3 online stores, open accounts and start selling shirts. You will know very quickly which one is the best fit for your personal situation. Would you rather buy in bulk and sell on an ecommerce platform? This is generally only advisable for an already recognized brand but can definitely raise your profile and income for brands in this position.

Be Creative

Make sure to wear your own t-shirts and take pictures. Do something different. Print up 10 and give them to people for free and ask them to take pictures in scenic places, famous landmarks or odd situations. This will create a very simple buzz around your brand and shirt and pay for itself very easily as word gets out about your interesting shirts.

The shirt business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will add a great marketing and promotional tool to your online arsenal and even provide a small amount of revenue to help in start up costs of other ventures. Yet imagine that a marketing expense can now be turned into making a profit.