One of the biggest changes in home garages over the previous decade or two has been the prevalence of concrete floor coatings. Up until recently the only area you would see a floor coat or floor paint would be in a mechanic or a industrial setting. Now, many homeowners are also realizing the benefits of applying some security for their concrete garage floor along with the security benefits it provides to guard against slips and falls.

Setup of epoxy resin floors is really straight forward but you definitely must spend the time necessary for completely cleaning the existing concrete surface. Start with a power washer and clean off all the grime and dirt you can. Next, scrub the surface with a water and detergent. Using a push broom works well with this step because you may apply a great deal of downward pressure as you are scrubbing. Lastly, use a degreaser to remove any oil stains or other petroleum stains, if you do not do so epoxy resin will probably lift up within a month or two. After the floor is completely clean, use a propane or electric space heater through the night to dry it. Obviously, be careful of passion by not getting the origin of ignition any where near flammable objects.

A fantastic way to make certain you have everything you need for your own resin flooring is to purchase the materials in a kit form. These kits could be had at most home improvement stores and you may also find great buys online. epoxy flooring will explain to you how many square meters or feet it will cover, but usually your true coverage will be a bit less. For this reason, be certain to have an extra kit or two on hand because you don’t want to run from coat and have to make a visit to the store while half of the floor is curing.

When you get ready to use the epoxy resin first step is to mix the resin and hardener. It only takes a few ounces of hardener to create a gallon of resin to begin the healing procedure. If you do not do the job quickly with the mixing and application you will start to see blobs of epoxy in the mix. This really can ruin your surface coat. For this reason, it is best to just combine up enough at the same time to pay about a 30 square foot area. Mix this figure, roll it out, then mix a different batch. You should discover that this will allow you plenty of time to get a good covering.

Before the surface tacks over you are going to want to distribute the anti-slip material that comes in the kit. For a garage floor, the industrial grit works well but if you are doing a concrete floor in the home, like a basement, than utilize the colour flakes as they do not tend to rub bare feet raw. You still get slide protection but it’s not so aggressive your family will whine.