Gas detection is such an important thing to do in order to avoid catastrophe. Natural gas is actually odourless so the gas company adds a rotten egg type odour to it so that it can be noticed with the human nose. The simplest way to detect a gas leak is therefore just to smell it. Other indicators of a gas leak are the sound of hissing or bits if dirt flicking out of the ground or from a wall due to a break in a concealed pipe. Gas leaks can come from cracks or splits in pipes or from broken joints or faulty fixtures. Not all gas leaks are detectable with the human sensory organs. Sometimes if the gas leaks are small of concealed they will be hard to detect.

A suitably experienced and qualified plumber will have access to specialised gas detectors which are designed to pick up and locate the smallest of gas leaks. These devices provide the plumber with an early warning device so that they can locate, assess and repair a gas leak before it turns into something big.

Gas detection devices can be based on gas particle sensors, ultrasonic sound wave sensors and electronic sensors.

If you suspect that you have a leaking gas pipe or appliance call the plumber straight away. Above all do not do anything else. For example do not turn off lights or electrical appliances. When an electrical appliance is turned off there will be a small arc across the contacts of the switch. This arc can be enough to ignite the gas that is suspended in the air if the concentration of the gas is sufficiently high enough. Call instaladores gas madrid from a phone after you have left your house. This may seem like an over reaction and perhaps it is. However, unless you are a trained expert in gas installations it’s probably better to err on the side of caution. Better safe than sorry as they say.

One of the best things that you can do to prevent a major occurrence of leaking gas is to have a plumber perform regular maintenance on your home. Early gas detection can allow the plumber to find and repair the leaks before they turn into a much larger issue. Another good time to have your home checked for leaks is whenever there are ground disturbances. This might be an earth tremor, a nearby earthquake or even the presence of large scale construction work nearby.